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now on fox 45 early edition. we created in the last 8 months on average 90,000 jobs per month. more jobs and working americans. the status of the nation's economy on labor day. fear, hate, and blame. the root of islam a phobia and the toll its taking on our ccuntry. t the last day of the 11 best days of summer. what you can fiid on at the maryland statt fair on the last day. good morning, it's monday, september 6th. it's labor day. a lot of you are hof off of worn
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this labor day. we still need to get a forecast for those of you who are going out to work or those who are planning a cook out on labor day today. meteorologist steve fertig is here to ttll us what we can expect. beautiful day, lots of are going to be very comfortable in the low 80s. ú%little cool some ssots3 downtown. salisbury, chilly therr and hagerstown at 53 and oakllnd as 53. the dew point of 37, dry out in oakland. steers to the north nd east of us and out of our way. ú% degrees for the high and northeast winds becoming south 5-10 miles per hour. patrice. the head of the u.s. labor
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howard county. megan gilliland has the latest what she had to say on the state of the economy on this labor day. on the weekend we honor worring americans.ú the u.s. deeartment of is visit -omething thh hardest working men and wooen. the secretary met withúú%firefir fire station in howarr county where the unemployment stands at a low 5.7%. across he country it's much higher. the latest figure showed that 9-.6% of the americans are withoot jobs. whilele figures are grim, solis says that the country is moving forward. month. the last two jobs when bush wws president there was no job ú%owth. that's a big difffrence. >> reporter: on john %-blasted that olicy saying tht
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the policies have failed and saying that the country is has less jobs today than when the stimuluu package was passed. a boy is rushed to the hospital after he is shot in the %-and is expected to recover.n arrest, last month the man was shot to death when he sat in hi3 car. at the time pplice were searching for three teenagers. now police are charging 17-year-old markks mcfadden a town house in glen burnie goes up this flames and investigators believe it was arson. it happened at 2:00 on sunday at valiint circle. a man and a child were inside but made it outside,
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investigators are still trying to figure out who set the fire. -p a 2-year-old dies after falling into a pool. crews were called to a a home. they said that the child was swimming and had to be pulled out of the water by a family member who performed cpr. the boy was taken to washhngton medical enter where he later died. an alert has gone to the in just one august.d mugggng audrey reports, police are urging students to be more ville lant. >> reporter:more3 vigilant. >> reporter: the latest assault t harbor home is too close for tom pelasa. a student walking alone on saturday was beaten and mugged by two suspects. >> we live right over here so it's pretty crazy on ors o!!.
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>> repooter: on august 29 two students were approached by 5 suspects. a couple of viccims ran to the volunteer fire station for help but one was assaulted and robbed. >> it seems the suspects are early morning or late evening hours. >> reporter: two days before that incident, a similar one just down thh street in the this time the victims were three student who left karaoke night at ej's landing at 12:45 a.m. >> we don't know if it's tte same group of people or. , but basic information about the times that it's occurring, it may ab that the appear that e %->> reporter: police are urging students to keep their guard up. >> i go jogging by myself but never out here or at night. i always go with a friend. >> if would i feel threaaened, woulddjust try to call 911.
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altogether 7 maryland %-involved in these muggings, to suspects a 27-year-old and -nother was caaght. they are still looking for eight more who is still out there. new detailes are coming out about the day a gunman stored into stormedinto a discovvry bun silver spring and took three hostages. for the ffrst timeewe aae hearing from the officers on the scene. >> we have him in the lobby. we can't tell what he has. >> we have a man inside with a vest strapped on him and someú kind of device in his hand. >> last thursday, james lee entered the discovery channel this eekend theepolice released the 911 calls from the day of the incident. emergency? >> there's a man when a gun at one discovery place at the lobby of discovery communication. >> 1 discovery place? >> yes.
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>> and he has a gun, hh is going through the front desk and he has got people on the floor. >> i was standing outside and was going to go lobby. someone said don't go in there. there's somebody with a gun. i can only see the gun. i left. >> police shot and killed lee after a 4 hoye 4 hour standoff. police say a deadly shooting may have been triggered by lost staff of drugs. diata scott smith was shot several times in the back and diee later at the hospital. initial reports said that a drug dealer had hidden some cocaine in the wheel well of the car belonging to the victim's husband. he didn't know and drove off with the stash and it was lost. that is when the dealer showed up with a shotgun.ú >> there were two men up the street. i didn't know they were involved in the activity that had just happened. i heard the gunshot and i went
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to the door to let my ddg out. i quickly shut the door, because i can't want themmto see me if they wwre involved in it. >> 2 other people a boy and a man were shot in the incident. so far there's no word on any arrest in the inciddnt, but police say they are workin workh some good leads. fox 45 viewers like you are fighting back. a tip from sommone at home has helped tt put anooher criminal behind bbrs. in ourrfugitive file segment we highlighted tyrese jackson. murder. a vvewer recognized jaakson and called police. she was arrested early friday morning. >> we can't be on the streets 24-7, but with the citizens out3 being aired,,it's definitely a help because this person should not be on the street walking
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around. >> to see all the wanted people in our fugitive files go to and click on fugitive files in the news features section. and let us know ow you're fighting back..3 tell us what yoo're doing in your community to try to clean3 up the streets. you can call us at (#41)066-2456. former governor bob ehrlich is hitting the air waves. the first television ad yesterday. the commerciall itled let's go to work comes in 30 seconds. it claims that marylann is in worrt shape that it be was when it ighlights his priorities for getting the state back on track. -p>> today mares are in trouble3 dangerous stat, higher taxes not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn the state around. fix the budget, honestly, grow small businesses, rrally.
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>> the o'malley campaign was full of false innuendo and empty promises. meanwhile the ehrlich competition is gettiig in on the act. >> we need a governor who understands that smalllbusiness is the hearttanddsoul of maryland. >> brian murphy debuted his first ad on the fox's glenn beck this weekend. the self proclaimed the true3 conservative focuses on the state's economy. he addrrssed ehrlich and o'malley's failed financial economy and he highlights the buddet to handle a business owner..3 they are giving a warning about campaign literature before the voters head to the polls. they want the vvters to get the facts straight particularly when it comes to endorsements. he says that some brochures have
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falsely said that some eaders have been endorsed by state and local leaders. there's a problem with handouts, gensler says his office will investigate complaints and take appropriate action. >can you get all of the latest actioo on nexx week's primary and the november electioo. just go to and cllck on the vote 2010 icon.ú coming up on the early edition. challenging sttte wiretapping >> get off the motorcycle. get oof the motorcycle, state pooice. >> how one man is trying to change things. have in store for you today as this droid has evolved to do even more.
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now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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tte 11 best days of summer are wrapping up. justin bieber concert sold out in seconds and had folks in line for hours to get in. joel d smith is live in timonium %-day.hat is left in this final
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oh my goodness, justin bieber it was the concert of the cennury. >> at least in the last few years, i donnt know. century says a lot but for those tween eass thht love to go, they were in line forever and i'm sure they're in a bit of a bieber fever remission. last night it was all about scheming and yelling. >> in line some of them for more than 8 hours, some of them overnight just to get wrist bands to get access to good seats. %-sang and screamed the night ay to justin biebbr's 90 minutes that packed the infield here at timonium last ight. it was 10,000 screaming teens. at one point the justin bieber stopped the song in the middle and toll the crowd the steps are collapsing and step back. it was a scenario to get people to get wrist bands to allow them
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in later. a lot of people were pushhng to get inside. it wws an excitement level that was there. whether you like justin bieber's music or not, it was an event. the fair it's the last day is today. you still have labor day off like a lot of people do, come out here, enjjy the ride. show you later n. i will be trying o the gooddfood that was made. and i think we're all trying to get over the bibbe bieber hang . we were over here this the we president did not have them. people crazy last night. everybodd seemed to have a great time. >> it was funny watching all of those feel screaming and yelliig. i think som all of us had a musn artist that we went over crazy like that. >> i know you liked michael jackson.
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>>iiwas of the i went to my tickets and i screamed, yelled and cried, so i get t. but, yeah, those days are gone. >> reporter: right now -henever they pass the fairgrounds and think of the marryand state fair they will remembee justin bieeer and how cool ittwas for them. it's pretty cool for all of them. >> i can't wait to hear what is still there today. thhnks. steve fertig and he has thest justin bbeber hang over. >> that will be good if they remember him. it's going to be a nice day at the fair. that is where you're headed today? -ot a bad choice. it's oing to be a pretty good day. no matter where you are, you are going to enjoy today. this is one you may remember as ú%ll weather wise. the leff2 radar showing the nice, dry scan out there, looking pretty good. 62 degrees at the harbor, good-looking elsewhere, 5 miles an hour, 50% relative humidity,3 40% s the dew point allowing the temperatures to drop a
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little bit this morning. let's taae a look at what we have in terms of our temmeratures around the region. 53 in d.c. cooler, we ssarted outside of the baltimore area, in saaissury and hagerstown, oo at 53 degrees right now. dew points very low in mid-40s, it's allowing for the temppratures to drop a little bit, we get the radiational coollng. to bring us all the sunshine today. we will see warmer temperaatres coming in behind. thaa is the sun, e have warmer temperatures coming in behind the sunnas the frontal boundary approachess it will bringgcooler air as weú get into tte latter paat of the this week. until then, it will be latter warm, we are watching for what will be a tropicallstorm probably later today and move depression, and finally a low -ressure center. in the atlantic, of course, we were talking about gasttn after earl. gaston is just a tropical gretion, right nodepression andn
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the winds should be light.3 so that should help us. expecting for the easteen shore with a lot of sunshine, and winds that will becomee3 southeasternnlater. the central part of the state should climb to 84 for the high3 just like we xpect the state fair. northeast winds becoming south at 5-10 miles per hour. preother day all over. the western part of maryland not bad either, take a look lots of sunshine,,northeast winds become south at 5 miles an hour. through the day we climb to 78 degrees after sttrting out, ú%rundd57 on average. and tten we will get up to 84-degree high at 44or 5:00 this afternoon, and drop back to 79 degreee at 6:00 p.m. filled with plenty offsunshine. overnight, clear skies, 62 and look for the temperature to warr up veey much tomorrow. 86, and 84 degrees on wednesday, partly cloudy, 80 on thursday, incidentally there could be a late day shower on wednesday and a light shower passing through.
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the frontal boundary and late week, 80 degrees on friday, and3 79 for saturday, a betterrchance of a shower as tte next front pushes through then. 80 degrees on sunday with mostly clear skiess patrice, let's send it back to kidd are back in school,,you know what that means. weather kid wednesday is back in session. if you would like your kids to be a part of our weather kii wednesday program, just have a teachers, prrnnipal or counselors send the nomatio nomn to ,000, west 41st street, the well oil was capped in july, how much theeleak continues to cost the company.
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speeding biker is pulled over by police. gets a ticketed and then is charged with wiretapping. crime and justice reporter joy lepola says the bikers attorneys argued on friday to have the charges thrown out. p> get off the motorcycle. get off thh motorcycle state police. >> reporter: this traffic stop recorded by a helmet camera and later posted on at yootube
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ú% among several recordings that ú%lice point to as illegal. >> if you're have a recording device which usually includes stateelaw. the state law says you cannot do that. we can seize that device andd33 recover it. >> reporter: anthony graver argued to have chargee against -im thrown out. >> these charges were flagrantly have the right to document what public officials are doing when they are performmng their public duties in public.3 >> reeorter: the state alleges, graver violated maryland's wiretap act. but the judge didnnt seem entirely convinced. one point the judge made during today's proceeding is timee have changed. now almost everywhere you go, you're recording. just within the hall block, i see three different cameras recording me and almost everyone
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has a cell phone with a camera on it. >> the state's contention here is olice have the right to ttpe all of us and none of us have the right to tape them. >> reporter: in july the ú%ryland attorney general released an opinion, stated that a police stop is not a private conversation and therefore it's not covered by the state's wiretap act. >> graver was charged with violating the state's wiretap act fter he posted the video on the internet. the judge said he will make a ruling by october 12. that is when raver's trial is scheduleddto. in bel air, joy lepola, fox 45 morning news.3 he state won't omment pending the judge's decision. coming up later on the early edition, reelinggin a big catch. when a fisherman in southern maryland found on the other end of his llne. next trying o bring
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this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard.
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turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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just in ttme for labor day, the private sector adds jobs. ú%an case has today's business brief. a somewhat what encouraging employment report eased fears on wall street. the dow jumped 127 points the nasdaq and s&p 5 infished 5 find higher. 54,,00 jobs were lost in august. state governments and mainly the sensus bureau cost positions. the businesses add more than 80,000 jobs. thht is more than analyst predicted. the bp oil sppll was capped in july but ii's still costing the
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ú%l giant $90,0000a day. bp has spent $8 billion onnthe desaster and $399 billion of %-claims filed by individuals ht by the spill. soup is still on for cam bells but for how llng. the company soup sales have dropped 2% thissyear. company profits were bolstered by the sale of v8 and snacks. cacammbell's is launching a new campaign to try to draw more shoppers to soups. craig's list has a new look this morning. the changes commany officials %-campaign..3er a nationwwde and on the weekend we honor3 working americans. labor day weekend. what the secretary had to say abouttthe economy. know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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